Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Business Luncheon

Hello all!

I am actually posting tonight to get some help from all of you (that is assuming that someone might actually comment this time... I promise I don't bite!).
My class has recently been given a new project. To make a long story short, we have to prepare, from beginning to end, a business luncheon for ourselves, all of our professors, and the heads of the program. The class was split into four groups, and they are as follows:

1) Bread and butter, invitations, menu

2) Soup and dessert

3) Salad and side dish (es)

4) Main course

Each group is in charge of one of those categories, and we are supposed to spend an entire day prepared the luncheon, from buying all of the groceries and preparing the food by hand to decorating the venue and setting the tables. The logic for having a bunch of Veterinary Medical Students do this is that it a) helps build teamwork and b) as future employees in administrative positions, we may be required to plan barbecues or meetings for the workplace. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it, it should be a lot of fun.

I volunteered myself for the 'salad and side dish' group, and we have chosen to make both a generic Caesar Salad and a Spring Mix-type Salad (with strawberries, almonds, red onion, etc). I'm in charge of the Caesar Salad and, while I'm not overly happy because I don't really get to stretch the creative part of my brain, everyone is bound to like it and I might try to jazz it up a little bit nonetheless.
We know that we want to do vegetable-only side dishes (there are a few vegetarians in the class), but this is where I need your help!

What are some of your favorite (and delicious) vegetable side dishes??

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