Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back so soon?

(Just so you know, I wrote that first post about a week ago and saved it as a note on my iPhone, for when I actually got around to creating a blog. I'm so cool.)
(So... yeah. This post is actually supposed to be from Saturday. Ahem. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.)

Hello strangers!

Oih, this past week has been a whirlwind of activity and change and excitement and nervousness for me. My first day as a bona fide college student was on Tuesday, and even though my brain already feels like it's melting... I'm loving every second of it!

More on that later, though. (Wow, am I coming off as scatter-brained as I feel like I am? Dear god, I hope not). Important news of the day: I think I've actually pinpointed what this blog is going to mainly be about! Hallelujah. For those of you who were looking forward to listening to me aimlessly ramble every day (don't lie, I know you're out there!), don't worry, there won't be any shortage of that. Trust me. I would just like to have some general direction to go in when planning my posts.

That being said, let me formally welcome you to Day-to-Day Crazy: A College Students Attempt At A Healthier Lifestyle! What do you think of the name? Input would be great, but for now that's what I'm going with.
In this blog I will talk about my experiences as a new college student (with a 20+ hours/week job) and my attempts at avoiding over-processed cafeteria food and becoming a much healthier person along the way.

I am by NO means an expert (even having the word 'expert' in this blog at all is laughable), nor am I perfect. I've struggled with my weight and unhealthy eating for awhile now, but in making changes to my diet and my life in general I am learning so much along the way. I'd love to share some of those things with you guys, and have you teach me even more in return. I'll be sharing tips and tricks on packing healthy lunches and dinners for school and work, how to make healthy and homemade snacks that are easy to take with you wherever you go, and the benefits of eating a largely "green food-based" (fruits and veggies) diet. On top of that I will try to talk as much as possible about being diabetic, for those of you who are either diabetic as well or who would just like to be slightly more educated on the subject.

I'll be back soon with lots of great information, pictures, and stories for you guys. Until then... try not to miss me too much. ;)

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