Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Steaming bowl of deliciousness

That is exactly what I have for you today, a steaming bowl of deliciousness. This recipe actually should have been posted on Sunday (you know, when I did the actual cooking) but I've been crazy-busy since then and haven't had a chance! Don't hate me.

Anyway, the recipe that I have for you today is for Sweet Potato Stoup. A stoup is a word (that may or may not actually exist) for a pot of food that is neither soup nor stew, but somewhere in between. And this is a delicious example of just that.


- 1 white onion (medium), diced
- 2 to 3 stalks of celery (depending on your preference)
- 1 to 2 carrots, peeled and thinly sliced
- 3 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and cut up into bite-sized pieces
- 1 tsp garlic powder (or 2 cloves minced garlic)
- 3 tsp chili powder
- 1 1/2 tsp cumin
- 1 tsp cinnamon
- 1/2 tsp nutmeg
- 1 1/2 can (28 oz) of diced or chopped tomatoes
- 2 cans (14 oz) of any kind of bean (kidney, pinto, chickpeas even... I used kidney this time)
- 2 cups vegetable broth
- salt/pepper to taste

Melt a small amount of butter in the bottom of a large stove top pot. Add onions, celery, carrots, sweet potato, garlic, chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Cook on medium for 7 to 10 minutes, stirring often. Add in your tomatoes, beans, and vegetable stock. Bring that mixture just to a boil, then cover, and simmer on lower heat for about 25 minutes (or until sweet potato and carrots are soft). Season, add any toppings that you prefer (cilantro or other herbs, a dollop of sour cream, etc) and enjoy!

(I am well aware that I have no idea how to properly photograph food. I'm still learning! In the meantime, please bear with me, and keep in mind that the food really IS delicious. )

This recipe will make a HUGE pot of this awesome stoup (which is conducive to my being a student and not having a ton of time to cook, this will probably provide me with 4 or 5 dinners and lunches). I've made this a couple of times now, and I really cannot get enough of it. It's one of those meals that just warms your insides, and all the spices used will fill your house with the most comforting of aromas.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I should be back later (when I have a minute or two to breathe) with more posts. Until then, happy eating! :)

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